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  3. Problem: None of my 80 plus Apps downloading from the App store would work. Also, none of my music or videos would appear on the iPod part as well (even though iTunes (on my PC) could see them. Solution: What ended up working for me was to: 1. Delete 1 app (just pick any 1 app) from the Library --> Applications section of iTunes on my PC. 2. Did a Sync with my iPhone (thus removing the app from my iPhone). 3. I then re-downloaded that same App I just deleted from the iTunes store on my PC. 4. Did another Sync to put the app back on my iPhone. At this point all my apps were working on the iPhone and all the music and videos I had on my iPhone were now visible. The latest version of iTunes may be the issue so a temporary solution may be to go back to 7.7.0 (7.7.1 is the latest) reply edit flag
    Tags: , , by netnut404 (2008-08-26)
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