• Store all your favourite links in one place, accessible from anywhere.
  • Share your bookmarks with everyone, with friends on your watchlist or just keep them private.
  • Tag your bookmarks with as many labels as you want, instead of wrestling with folders.

Geek Stuff

  • Semantic Scuttle is licensed under the GNU General Public License (you can freely host it on your own web server.)
  • Stephenson.cc Semantici Scuttle supports most of the del.icio.us API. Almost all of the neat tools made for that system can be modified to work with Stephenson.cc Semantici Scuttle instead. If you find a tool that won't let you change the API address, ask the creator to add this setting. You never know, they might just do it.
  • Sscuttlizr is licensed under the MIT License


  • Add search plugin into your browser: opensearch
  • The secret tag "system:unfiled" allows you to find bookmarks without tags.
  • The secret tag "system:imported" allows you to find imported bookmarks.
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